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Meet the Main Characters of Unlove Me

Iesha Bree

Unlove Me💔

This is a story of heatbreak and redemption, most of my books center around the theme of knowing and learning within yourself, you are worthy of love. In this case what type of Love are you allowing into your life under lies And false Acts of love. How can we overcome our first heartbreak and not allow it to control the next steps we take in our lives. This book came about due to me currently experiencing my first heartbreak ever, and let me tell y’all the way I’m feeling right now this story is just what I need. Which is why this story has came about instead of The Love Pledge, I’m not feeling very lovey dovey at the moment. But, Unlove Me will carry every emotion I am feeling in this moment and feelings I’m sure other women have experienced as well. Sabrina Owens is US as women she hold the flaws we all commonly have where we believe we‘re missing something which is why he left, when in all actuality we were too much for him to handle, we were all too great of a person and God has something better in store for us so he had to pull him out of the way of our blessings.

Isaac Mathews, is a blessing in disguise he is ultimatley the epitome of what type of man I feel I deserve. A man with flaws, but a man looking to change for me and for himself, someone unselfish, a Man willing to put his pride aside to make sure your dreams come to fruitation. Someone you can grow with, which Is exactly what you will see with Isaac.


So enough of me rambling... just get ready because I am now ready to share apart of myself that I never have before! I hope you all like it 💋

Coming real soon...

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