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Meet the Cast of The Love Pledge❤️

Iesha Bree

Meet the cast of The Love Pledge❤️

Get ready for this next release as I dive into the life of Mercy Davis! On her road to finding a way to find the love of her life through pledges she has made for the man of Her dreams! The only question is who is it exactly?

Shauna Taylor and Brenton Calamari are the Bestfriends of Mercy! They both have two different ideas in mind on helping mercy find The love of her life! You won’t be able to get enough of either of these two!

The Davis Brothers! We will get more into them a little more down the line. But who doesn’t love a little eye candy! Plus these brothers will have you dying laughing in there pursuit to protect their baby sister.

Coming real soon.... sneak peek will be posted soon!

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