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Meet The Cast of The Love You Bring💙

Iesha Bree

Look Behind the Story!

I’m excited to Introduce My Next set of Characters!! The Love You Bring is my first Interracial Romance! Which I was excited and nervous to dip into since I love this category so much to read in my spare time, I wanted to make sure I did it Justice. In this story I touch on stereotypes, and show just how much families can effect or change your personal relationships if you let them. In this story you will get a inside look at the story of Blair Smith, the strong outspoken nurse who didnt see this man coming from a mile away. Ares and Ariel Knightan who are brother and sister, where tragedy brought them in contact with the one person who would change their Lives forever.

So Get Ready to see where this amazing love story lease coming in February!!! Exact Date will be posted Soon❤️

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