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The Love You Bring💙 Mother’s Day Special💙

The Love You Bring💙 Mother’s Day Special!

Before I start I want to wish all the Amazing Mothers a Happy Mother’s Day! Especially my amazing mom, aunts, and grandma! So enjoy this character update on Blair & Ares Knightan💙


Turning around in the mirror I glanced at my figure once more. I swear after having AJ, I feel like my body just didn’t snap back to the way it used to look fast enough. My hips were wider now cant say I needed to complain about all of this ass I now had accompanying this frame. I’m going to have to thank my baby one day, but if you let his daddy tell it. It was plump the way it was because of him. I laughed wrapping my arms around the small pudge I still had around my waist. I’m just not used to all this extra weight. I closed my eyes briefly as I took a deep breath in and out. Before he got close enough to touch me I could smell his cologne as he finally reached me to wrap his arms around my waist.

I smiled widely as he leaned In towards my neck placing spine tingling kisses up to my ear.

“Damn, Cola you are just so beautiful. Almost makes me want to cancel the surprise I have for you and make you scream out my name. But I’m going to behave because this day is for you. So I can show you how much I appreciate you. Now let’s go with yo’ fine ass,” He whispered in my ear slapping my butt on the way back out of the room.

Taking a deep breath, I grabbed my clutch from the top of my dresser and proceeded to follow Ares downstairs. Looking down at my feet briefly as I stepped down the stairs to make sure I didnt miss a step. I glanced up and was staring at a trail of blue roses in vases leading towards the living room. But before I got there Ariel was standing in the doorway with a bear and a card.

Smiling brightly she ran up to me Wrapping her arms around my waist tightly before pulling back. Proceeding to read the card she has in her hands after she handed me the bear.

“I made you a card Blair, and this is what it says! Happy Mother’s Day! You’re like the mother I’ve missed out on having and a sister mixed together. You were with me through my cancer, when I got sick, when I had questions I couldn’t ask Ariey. I couldn’t have picked a better person to be in both AJ, Myself, and especially Ares he needed you. I love you and hope you have the best Mother’s Day!” She Read Word for Word from her card.

I couldn’t let her say another word before I had her within my arms with tears tracking down my face. I loved Ariel like she was my own little girl, it’s crazy to me that Vivian still never found her way back to her. Now that I’ve had AJ I couldn’t see myself any other way without my baby. I was wondering where the hell he was right now with these two here, who had my baby. Finally releasing her from my grasp she took my hand into hers with Ares on the other side of me. Leading me into the living room as my eyes landed on the one person I didnt expect to see, holding a laughing AJ.

“Hey baby girl, I don’t even know where to start but..,” My father started with a nervous smile coming across his face.

shaking my head I stopped him from saying another word as I walked over to see my mother standing next to him, happier than I had seen her in awhile. I took both of there hands into mine, and without another word we embraced each other in a long needed hug. Pulling back I noticed all of our faces matched in the room with love shining through the tears that adorned our faces.

“It’s a shame that it took your mother to leave, for me to realize I was wrong all those years ago. I know I shouldn’t expect you to forgive me, but I would like to build and show you I’m sorry. I spoke with Ares and he is the one who convinced me to come, I didnt think my presence would be wanted around here. But you have a good young man over there, and an ever better young man in my arms,” he proceeded to say.

“Too much time has been wasted already, and I have no intentions on wasting more. I’m glad you’re here, I would hate for you not to know AJ he is the sweetest baby I know,” I responded brushing down AJ’s dark brown curls causing him to giggle and lean for me.

Taking my baby into my arms, I glanced around the room as my eyes met Ares. I just can’t help but to think what did I do to deserve such an amazing and loving man. He took every step to make sure that my first Mothers Day is completely special.💙

I hope y’all enjoyed that short and sweet look into a mother’s day with Blair and Ares!! Enjoy your day ladies! Happy Mothers Day Again lol 💙

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