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I Won’t Lose to Love Again Christmas

Iesha Bree


”Hurry up B, we don’t have all day!” I fussed as I continued to get my baby Railyn dressed.

Who would have thought that my ass would end up with Another two kids by this man. Shit if you would have told me, I might have laughed and cussed your ass right out the door for having me fucked up. But I can’t be any happier with my little babies, and my fine ass husband. I looked up to see him walking in with a purpose as he leaned down to whisper in my ear. I’m sure to talk his shit, because he hated to be rushed.

“Chill the hell out Vee, damn before I have to hem your ass up,” he whispered in my ear as he but the tip, smacking me on the ass.

I watched as he reached around me to pick up Railyn off of her changing table. I rolled my eyes as I walked out into the living room to see both of my babies sitting on the couch playing with there toys.

“Aimee, come here so I can fix your ponytail what were you out here doing?” I asked as she hopped off the couch with all the attitude in the world like I was killing her fixing her hair.

I turned around to walk into the bathroom to grab a comb and brush to tighten her pony, when I heard a stomping noise in the hallway. All I know is if this little girl calls herself stomping down my damn hallway, she gone catch it! I looked outside the door to see Lil Ahmad ass making stomping noises behind Aimee. I’m sure to get her in trouble until he seen me!

”keep playing with me! I promise you won’t get anything but love and affection for Christmas!“ I yelled.

I hope y’all didnt think I had my damn kids around here believing some fat white guy with a beard was getting them all this shit. Fuck all of that about giving your kids something to believe in, my kids better believe in there selves because Im not letting no big fat white man take credit for shit I’m almost emptying my account for! These kids are expensive, who the hell asks for a iPad for Christmas at 5 and 3!

I felt my phone vibrate, I knew it was Alena ass. She was the most impatient person I know, shit okay Im running a little over an hour late. But that’s happens to the best of us, you can’t rush perfection baby.

I quickly got Aimee together, so I could get everybody to the car as Bronx picked up both Railyn and lil Ahmad. I looked at my phone and it was definitely Alena but I’m not calling her ass back. I’ll be there soon she gone have to wait.


I know her ass seen me calling her, I thought as I continued to make sure that we had everything in order for the Christmas dinner. I was hosting it this year, Lavonka did it last year and I had to outdo her ass. So, I had made some of everything for dinner. Ham, turkey, lasagna, greens, baked macaroni & cheese, corn bread, corn on the cob, we even had an Apple pie. I had some of everything going on for this dinner. I felt a pair of arms wrap around my protruding Waist, I knew that was no one but my husband. This is why we in the situation we in now again, I’m almost seven months pregnant with our next child Im just glad it’s only one this time and its a girl! I’m tired of being the one woman in this house.

“Babe, you need to have a seat and relax. I got a chair set up for you right over there where you can kick your feet up,” he added while making a trail of kisses down the side of my neck.

“I will as soon as I finish putting this ham back in the oven,” I announced as I added the last touches of honey glaze on top.

Before I could lean down to place the ham in the stove, Nash had me up off of my feet. Carrying me into the living room as all three of my boys hopped up to grab onto his legs thinking this was the time to play. I laughed as he gently sat me in the recliner we had in the living room. While checking to make sure my feet was comfortable, when the door bell sounded off. Before I could hope up to answer the door Lavonka ass was walking in the living room with her kids trailing behind her.

”how the hell you gone ring the doorbell, but just let yourself in? I know the door was locked,” I asked.

“First off we family, so of course I’m just going to let myself in. Plus when has a locked door ever kept me out,” she added smartly.

I shook my head Because this girl was just completely crazy. I watched as her kids instantly ran over to mine. Since they were all around the same age they have literally been around each other since birth. Since we still have the studio up and running.

“Girl please, how did the kids act when they opened gifts earlier?” I asked as both Lavinks and Bronx walked into the room with baby Railyn trailing behind them.

“Shit, the question is how didn’t they act. Next year I’m not buying that little bad asses nothing but a gift card, we had to take all they shit because they instantly started fighting. Only person that still got they gifts is my sweet baby right here,” Bronx stated as he rained kisses all over Railyn chubby cheeks.

“Well damn, I guess we in the same boat these boys over here started breaking shit the minute they got into those toys!” Nash stated as he walked back into the room from the kitchen.

We all looked at eachother and burst into laughter because these kids just didn’t have no sense. But we wouldn’t want to have it any other way.

“So, I see yo’ ass tried to go all out in the kitchen. It don’t matter what you got going on it’s not going to top last year boo! My dinner was the shit and we all know it,” Lavonka announced as she got up twerk her ass a little bit with her ratchet self.

”What ever you say, I guess we gone have to see,” I stated as we all went back and forth with our normal banter.

I hope you enjoyed this short little look at this amazing group of friends! I just might have them come back and give y’all a inside look next year! Here we come #2019! Enjoy your holiday!!! Merry Christmas ❤️

- Iesha Bree

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