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Get a little taste of Demi and Kyron💕

This story took me awhile to finish, I realized that Kyron wasnt like Kade at all. Kade needed more time to get his woman it couldn't just fall in his lap after everything he had been through. Kyron was completely different he had enough problems and needed to feel enough freedom to choose for himself. Which is why this story is very short, I wanted to write a love without struggle but with passion. Demi and Kyron are getting ready to take you on a short journey but trust me it's worth it.

Sneak peek: Unedited and Copyrighted 💕


I waited a moment by the gate before stepping up to the front door. I knew there was only one woman who could be the mother of my child if he was mine. If it was who I thought it was, I hadn't seen her since we graduated high school, and she hadn’t even said goodbye. I never understood why she left so briskly; I also tried to look for her before my mother found out. But that’s another story. I still could not get past the fact that if he were mine, why hadn’t she told me? I would have stepped up to take care of my child. Just the thought alone pissed me off that she would keep a secret this big. Straightening out my shirt, I waited; until this big Terry Crews looking muthafucka’ answered the door. I held up the paper with the address on it; I double-checked to make sure I was at the right house. Justified that I was at the correct address, I straightened my spine before speaking. I looked up at the sky to say a silent prayer because if she had some random man taking care of my child, it would be a big problem.

"Is Demi here?" I asked.

Moving my head from left to right, trying to get a good view inside the house. A slow smirk arose on his face as he took a glance over his shoulder before looking back in my direction, running his hand over his face. I could already tell he planned to be on some bullshit. I rarely had time to entertain anybody, but today I had all the time in the world.

"She is busy, why don't you come back another time. We were all just getting ready to have breakfast," he responded with a smirk.

“What the fuck does that have to do with her being home? I didn’t ask you if she had plans. I specifically asked if she were here unless your damn hearing is fucked up,” I asked, tilting my head to the side with my mouth held in a tight line.

Slowly, the smirk he had been sporting dropped.

“As I said, she is busy and will speak to you another time,” he pressed, stepping out of the house.

Nodding my head with a condescending laugh, I brushed past him, letting myself inside. His hand gripped my shoulder; I stopped briefly to glance back in his direction. Lifting his hand from my shoulder in a surrender motion, he took a few steps back.

"If you don't keep your damn hands off me, you will have more problems than me stepping into this house," I responded, lifting my brow, looking him up and down.

Turning around to face the opposite direction, our eyes met, sending off little licks of electricity up my spine. Demi was just as beautiful as I remembered. Her hips had rounded out more, making her appear to be thicker. All previous thoughts left my mind as I continued to stare into her large brown eyes. Dropping my arms to the side, I took a deep breath in and out before I spoke.

“Is he mine?”

Get ready for this release coming 02/26💕

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