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Results of a Broken Heart Sneak Peek

Get ready to meet Uriah & Nic soon!

This sneak peek has not been edited so please excuse any errors.



My heart was practically racing out of my chest at the feel of his thick finger stroking my thigh in calculated patterns. I knew what his mouth could do, and I had no plans to figure out just how deadly those fingers were in front of his mother.

I slid my open hand beneath the table and knocked his hand away from my thigh. I glanced over in his direction to see he was silently laughing and I am sure at my expense. I rolled my eyes and continued eating.

“So tell me a little about this family tradition, I think it’s a gingerbread competition. Right, Nic?” Janet asked.

Before he could respond I slid my hand into his lap and stroked his dick causing his knee to bang against the table. Nic glanced beneath the table as if he seen something in full actor mode. It was taking everything in me, not to laugh out loud or make a different facial expression.

“Yes, my family hosts them every year. My great-great-great grandmother started the tradition. It’s funny how things stick around after all this time. Nic told me you wanted to go and my family would love to have you there. We only have one stipulation.” I responded.

“What’s that?” they both asked simultaneously.

“You have to wear the ugliest Christmas sweater you can find.”

Janet waved her hand with a laugh. “I’ll make sure Nic and I pick one up before we come tomorrow. Are you done with your plate honey? It’s the least I can do since Nic cooked.” she asked, standing from the table.

I glanced down at my plate to see it looked as if I licked it clean. So, I handed her my plate and so did Nic.

“Can you show me where the bathroom is?” I asked Nic.

“Yeah. I gotchu’.”

Nic stood first and held his hand out for mine. The moment his clasped around mine my fingers began to get moist. Then he placed his hand against my lower back and helped me up the steps. We walked down a hallway with a banister until we got to his room it looked exactly like I expected it to. Smooth black sheets, a few pillows because men didn’t understand the importance of a few good throw pillows.

I walked around the room for a moment just taking in the minimal of things he had here. If you walked into his room you would know nothing about him. Nic only had two personal items laying out that gave you a window into his heart. A photo of him and his mother sat on the end table next to his bed. I walked a little closer to it and noticed that my sonogram was placed into the corner of that same frame.

I couldn’t help but to smile at the picture. I peered over my shoulder in his direction to see him watching my every move around the room. I pointed to the open door in his room.

“Is that the bathroom?” I asked.

“Yeah, but you know like I do you didn’t have to go to the bathroom. If you did, that would have been the first question you asked me the moment we stepped in here.” He responded, taking slow steps towards me.

I licked my lips that seemed to be drying the closer he got to me. We now stood nose to nose and his hand was now tilting my head back. Nic had no urgency in his movements, everything was subtle like we had all the time in the world. This man didn’t give a damn about his mother being downstairs.

I gripped the sides of his shirt to steady myself as his lips finally descended onto mine. His tongue slid across my lower lip before nipping at it and then immediately kissing it afterward to make it feel better.

“Your mother is downstairs and we still don’t know what this i-” I started.

Only for him to place his lips onto mine stopping another word from slipping between my lips. I dropped my hands from his sides and wrapped them around his neck as he practically made love to my lips and my tongue. I swear everything about this man was slow and sensual. He didn’t give a damn if he gave you a heart attack in the process. Foreplay was his middle name and I never would have guessed after the first time we had sex. But, now that I think of it. I was the one in charge that night and he let me be without a second thought.

My eyes were closed tight as I allowed that tingly feeling I felt whenever he was near me take over my entire body. My nipples were sensitive, the tips of my fingers, my toes, and my bud thumped to a beat that Nic had full control of.

“Nic, is everything okay up there?” his mother called out.

My eyes opened slowly and he took a few steps away from me.

“Yeah, I’m just waiting on Uriah so I can take her home. I picked her up, we’ll be down in a minute.” he responded.

I stood briefly in place for a minute and stepped around him to head into the bathroom. I needed to splash a little water onto my face and cool me down. Not to mention after messing around with him, now I truly needed to pee.

After I handled my business in the bathroom I stepped back in the room and he was seated at the edge of the bed.

“I’m not done with you yet.” he responded.

..... to be continued! Get ready to meet Uriah and Nic!

I am finishing out this standalone and this is probably one of the longest books I have written. Get ready that's all I can say! Make sure you're subscribed!

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