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by: Iesha Bree



This book has been way too much fun to write, so naturally, I wanted to give you visuals of the characters!

I am going to start with the main characters!

TRU: He is a famous singer. This character is everything his name tells you! He is the most blunt and rude character I have ever written. But if he was to tell it, he just doesn't like to waste his time beating around the bush. Like I mentioned on Facebook if you follow me... Folks are already claiming him. I would describe Tru as BDE on two legs! When he wants something he makes that very clear! Let's just say Harlin has a lot to deal with! Don't let me forget to add he has a tinge bit of crazy and a lot of petty lol

HARLIN: She is an aspiring singer/songwriter. This is one of the first female characters I think all of you are going to give a break! well damn... who am I kidding most readers don't have it like that for the female leads lol But she is very bold, she isn't going to allow anyone (Tru included) to talk to her in any kind of way! While also being a very big dreamer! She is a character who likes to give people the benefit of the doubt. But once you piss her off, she comes out the gate swinging. Let's just say she holds her own.

ROCKO: He owns a car shop ( mechanic). I love him and his vibe! Rocko is the kind of male lead I am used to writing. He is smooth and doesn't have to be seen or heard but trust me he is felt. His personality is extremely chill because there is more to him. Rocko will be seen a lot in this story! ( Let me just say this now lol He will not be getting his own book! When you read Strummed you will understand why.) Rocko is also Tru's (best friend) they grew up in the Bury together.

LAINE: She is a dancer/stripper! Let's just say she is the female version of Tru but toned down a lot more. No character is on Tru's level of petty or crazy. She is just very confident and doesn't like her time wasted. She is very independent and tenacious. This character doesn't know what it means to give up. She is also very protective of Harlin since they're best friends.

KADEEM: He is an aspiring rapper. This character is a trip! Let's just say that. He is the best friend of Tru. Deem is a lot more entitled than Rocko. Kadeem doesn't think about anything that comes out of his mouth. He loves to party! You can always find this character in drama because of his mouth. Tru and Rocko usually get him out of the stuff he does. It has always been like that between them since they were younger.

VANITY: She is a famous rapper at the same label as Tru. She vies for a lot of attention. She just wants to be loved very badly. I wish I had a lot more to say about her but she is that average person who needs everything around her to be about her. If it isn't about her, trust me she will make sure it is! At all costs!

Get ready to meet them in October! Just know this book is not my usual 45k book! We exceeded that! So trust me I plan to make this standalone juicy and just enough to make your cups overflow! THE COVER REVEAL IS COMING FRIDAY!!!

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