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Heated Sneak Peek

Just to let you in on what's coming! Get ready to meet Jen & Kadeem... I couldn't help but to drop this sneak peek for you. This chapter is unedited and copyrighted.


I stepped into the house and seemed a bit more quiet than usual. So I walked slowly up the stairs and then peered into Kaden’s room to see that it was empty. I closed his door back and continued down the hall until I made it to the guest room. I figured that maybe Kaden and Kadeem were sleeping together. So I could just peek in on them because I loved to see my baby sleep.

I reached for the handle and twisted it slowly, hoping not to make too much noise and rattle them both awake. Once I peeled the door open to take a peek, my ass couldn‘t close it back. Kadeem was standing in the center of the room, dripping wet with his towel pooled at his feet.

While his thick and long pipe laid against his inner thigh, I felt a little spit dribble down my chin. I quickly wiped it, causing me to push the door open wider and get his attention.

His eyes met mine with shock, but there was no embarrassment in sight. Kadeem didn‘t even try to pick up his towel and hide the fact that he was naked. My eyes just kept sweeping down there.

“Can you put your towel on? it’s just looking at me,” I told him as I continued to stare at his thickness.

Kadeem laughed and grabbed the towel to wrap it around his waist.

“Nobody told you to be busting in here like you looking for something. Is there something I can help you with, baby?” He asked with a smirk.

I rolled my eyes because he knew he looked good and he damn sure knew I wanted any kind of help he was willing to offer. Especially if it included that thang swinging between his legs. I tried to take a step away from the door, but my lips or my feet wouldn‘t move.

Kadeem strolled over to me and placed his hand on my chin. Then tilted my head to the side so he could whisper in my ear. The smell of his soap intertwined with his natural scent made my nipples harden and my thighs were beginning to soak with my essence, thanks to him.

“Baby, you hear what I asked you? Is there something I can help you with?” He asked again.

I moved my lips, but yet again, no sound came out. Kadeem kissed my cheek, then stepped back to walk into the room with a laugh.

I rubbed my hands up and down my pants, then placed them against my hips.

“Where is Kaden?”

He walked over to the dresser and grabbed his oil, then rubbed his chest. My eyes followed every movement of his hand.

“Your mom called and said she hadn’t seen Kaden in a while. I figured you would be cool with it. I figured since he was staying the night, I’d step out. I need some fresh air from all this protecting and shit I been doing.”

I rolled my eyes before answering because didn’t nobody ask him to come over here trying to protect a damn thing. But I was going to keep that comment to myself.

“Where are you going out?” I asked, trying to make sure we weren’t going to the same club.

I didn‘t need him popping up where I was going. Shit, I was going out just to get away from him. Not to bring him along to be in my business and watching me like a hawk. I also knew that if he was going out, so was Rocko, or my brother. They were fun killers, and I was a grown ass woman with a child, but they didn’t care.

“Nah, don’t you wish you knew? Now, are you gone let me get dressed or I can just drop this towel while you in here? I don’t know why you’re acting like you ain’t never seen my dick before.”

I threw my hands up and closed the door before I responded. I was not in the mood for his mess. I knew exactly what his dick looked like; it was engrained in my memory. I remember my first time seeing it; I wasn’t sure how the fuck he was going to fit. I just knew he was getting ready to slip me in two.

I kept this sneak peek short! since it's releasing on Jan 20th anyway! Get ready y'all!

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