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Sabrina Owens has experienced heartbreak like no other but refuses to allow a minor flaw in the male race to knock her down. The glow up gets real and forces her to focus on making her dreams come true and taking care of her daughter. While mending her heart she never expected to come out of all the pain she has suffered but she did. But only to decide that love isn’t for her.  

In her mind all men have to offer is heartbreak and pain until she meets Isaac Mathews a well known actor. Isaac is a ladies man who is known to bed every woman he encounters. Tired of the playboy image that has developed over time. He realizes he is apart of his own stagnation when he is denied roles showing him in a more mature light.

A chance run in can change all that.

One run in, one bridge to success has the potential to change two lives if they can just give it a try. Will Sabrina be able to see past Isaac’s playboy ways and open her heart to love again? Will Isaac gain the image he was always meant to have and the one woman who has finally made him feel like he has a home?

Unlove Me

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