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Cameren, a college student destined to make it, is on the right path, but when Chris, her high school sweetheart who broke her heart puts forth the effort to get her back, all hell breaks loose. Cameren is faced with telling the secrets she kept long ago from Chris, and after Chris made a bad decision regarding his and Cam's relationship, neither are sure if the problems that have arisen can be fixed. Unbeknownst to Cam, there are people around her who envy her life and her relationship. When love and envy cross paths, how can you decipher the two? find out what love and envy have in common in this plot revealing romantic mystery.



Kendall is the baby sister of Cameren, and with so much going on in her life, a secret that no one but her best friend knows, and her family life being a mess in its own right, she truly doesn't have time for any drama or let downs...Until she meets Rome.
Rome is known as the playboy around his friends, and because of past abandonment issues, his commitment issues could rear an ugly head.
Can Kendall and Rome let their massive emotional walls down to let the other in and succumb to the Rush that they only feel when they're together, or will fate deal them an ugly hand of loneliness and confusion in the next installment in the Mae Sisters Series.



Camille is the oldest sister of the Mae Sisters, and something like the matriarch of the family. After coming face to face with her birth father. Can Camille get past the nightmares and fears from her past that continue to plague her. As her family tries to mend some of the tares that have wrecked their family. Camille has decided she is going to put herself first for the first time in love and life.
Noah Derrick is a Cruise Mogul who has finally met his match in a woman who doesn't fall for his addicting charm, so now he is focused on a way of showing her he's everything she needs. But with unforeseen problems continuously trying to break them apart. Can the hope of a future he has set with Camille come to fruition in this last installment of the Mae Sisters Series.



Being sworn into secrecy never felt so wrong until now. In Deception you will meet Ciara Smith a female undercover agent that is hellbent on proving herself worthy in a this is a man’s world society. Secrecy is a given in her profession until thoughts of a love life come forcing her to question if it’s even possible or worth the risk. When she meets Kyle Derrick the script is flipped, and the waters get murky. Kyle is the good guy and perfect for her, but he isn't the one. Not all things are that simple or what they appear to be when she meets her next target. Victor Esposa is illusive, captivating and delightfully dangerous and on her radar for all the wrong reasons. With every intention of taking him to jail, she hits a snag and has to stop and acknowledge that’s she’s intrigued with the mystery he exudes. With so many ties, that are unforeseen Ciara is forced to choose between honor and love. Will her oath to the badge trump her oath to love? You won’t believe how much deception is in the air.

The Mae Sister Collection

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