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Airyon has always lived according to her parents' strict expectations, relentlessly pursuing academic success. But one fateful night shatters her carefully constructed world, when a passionate encounter with Zayne, a brilliant tech wiz, ignites an undeniable spark between them.

Awakening alone the next morning, Zayne is left yearning for more, even as Airyon disappears from his life. But destiny intervenes, reuniting them when Airyon starts working under Zayne. They soon discover their night of passion bore unexpected fruit - Airyon is pregnant.

With a baby on the way, Airyon and Zayne are forced to confront their true feelings and an uncertain future. As their bond deepens, they must make life-changing choices that will shape their lives forever. From different worlds, can they build a new life together? Or will their newfound love be torn apart by the forces around them?

The Due Date

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