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All paperbacks will come with a "I prefer my book bae hood keychain!"


The countdown is over. - Will be available on kindle 11/05 


Harlin Cox had one year to make it as a famous singer or succumb to the wishes of her boyfriend and become his boring trophy wife. It’s the last day of the year, but giving up just doesn’t feel right. The stars align and it just may be time for hers to shine.


Tru Newton, a singer from the hood, is R&B and hip hop personified. His career has been full steam ahead, but the possibility of its ending is constantly looming. Just when he thought his career had peaked, he meets the stunning singer who’ll help him get to the next level professionally and romantically. However, envy and jealousy lurk in the shadows, threatening to end both in the blink of an eye.


Harlin’s interest is piqued by the rude yet handsome singer who can catapult her career; but also hold the keys to her heart. Can they get past the bumps in the road to see it come to fruition?


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