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Kyron has allowed his mother to control every aspect of his life until secrets of the past are revealed. With the secrets flooding his mental, he cannot ignore the lengths his mother has gone to ensure her family lineage stays pristine. Kyron has other plans, and they start with his first love, Demi. 

Demi is Kyron's only love who left behind her old life to start a life on her own terms. Now free of rules, blackmail, and disappointment, Demi is happy and doing what she loves until the secrets come flooding reminding her of the life she left. And the life she swore she'd never go back to. 

With Kyron ready to confront the revealed secrets, can they get past the bumps in the road and bad history to come together? Can Kyron show her that he's ready to come from under his mother's rule? or Are some secrets just too heavy to carry? Find out in Show and Tell.

Show & Tell: A Novelette

Expected to ship by the end of July or Beginning of August!
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