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The countdown is over. 


Harlin Cox had one year to make it as a famous singer or succumb to the wishes of her boyfriend and become his boring trophy wife. It’s the last day of the year, but giving up just doesn’t feel right. The stars align and it just may be time for hers to shine.


Tru Newton, a singer from the hood, is R&B and hip hop personified. His career has been full steam ahead, but the possibility of its ending is constantly looming. Just when he thought his career had peaked, he meets the stunning singer who’ll help him get to the next level professionally and romantically. However, envy and jealousy lurk in the shadows, threatening to end both in the blink of an eye.


Harlin’s interest is piqued by the rude yet handsome singer who can catapult her career; but also hold the keys to her heart. Can they get past the bumps in the road to see it come to fruition?



After stepping out on her own, ignoring the negative criticism of her past, Jennifer Newton has become a sought after chef. All seems to be going well until every choice she has made for her life comes into question.


Kadeem Harris found himself at a crossroads four years ago when Jen told him she was pregnant. It doesn’t help that she is two years younger than him and also his best friend’s sister. He is given two choices, either step up or get lost. Leaving isn’t an option, so Kadeem makes the needed changes in order to take care of his child.


Co-parenting is a breeze between Kadeem and Jennifer, until one day the family he was afraid to have is threatened. His heart is in the same predicament when the lines they’ve built become a little blurry. Will Jen and Kadeem be able to work through all the criticism and realize what’s best for them, or will they allow the opinions of others and self-doubt to hinder their possibilities?



Is it too late for me to rock you?


After leaving his dangerous life behind and finding success, Rocko’s orderly world unravels when ghosts from his past resurface. Strange events make him fear for himself and his loved ones. Shocking secrets long buried return to threaten everything Rocko has built.


Finally having the family and life she always dreamed of, Laine starts to see the foundation crack as Rocko reveals parts of himself that he purposely kept from her sight. Can she handle the man beneath the fine picture he has shown her since they first met?


With the whole Newton family behind him, Rocko finds himself navigating the streets he thought he escaped, willing to embrace his merciless past skills to protect what matters most. But will unleashing the darkness inside destroy the honorable family man he’s become? Or will it be the very thing he needed to move his family to new heights?

Newton Family Complete Series

Expected to ship by the end of July or Beginning of August!
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