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The stories about Medusa have instilled terror in the hearts of many for centuries. The head full of snakes, her mesmerizing and deadly gaze, and the stone victims she left behind as a warning to others who dared to look upon her beauty. But what if the stories we’ve been told aren’t entirely true? Every story has two sides, and it’s finally time to hear Medusa’s side. 


Medusa has spent centuries on the run after faking her death, until she settles in her refuge amongst the humans in a town called Tranquility. She thinks she’s finally found a safe haven where she can live in peace, until he comes in and demands more from her. 


Remedy is a man who gets everything he wants, that is until a stubborn, fiery female tells him no. There is something that draws him to the petite beauty who hides herself away from the world, and he intends to find a way to break down her walls and get what he wants, no matter what he has to do to get her to submit to him. 


Two people at war with each other suddenly find themselves thrown together, as an unknown threat comes to destroy the very thing they are fighting about. Has Medusa’s past come back to haunt her, or does Remedy have enemies of his own? 


Are you ready to delve into the story of the deadliest woman in mythology? Well, get ready for this urban mythological fantasy!

Medusa's Remedy

Expected to ship by the end of July or Beginning of August!
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