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“When you’re ready to listen, let me know.” – Khyri Hamilton

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Sarai King has the answer to a problem that has landed right on the King family’s doorstep. All it will take to fix it is just one proposition: an illicit affair with cocky resort CEO Khyri Hamilton. Their resorts may compete in business, but only Sarai knows how explosive their attraction burns.


When Khyri sabotages her mother’s deal to force Sarai back into his bed, she refuses to surrender control. Instead, Sarai makes a proposition: an alternating week of pleasure and fantasy orchestrated according to each other’s deepest desires.


As CEO by day and possessive lover by night, Khyri promises to show Sarai they’re perfect partners without commitments. But behind her bedroom eyes, Sarai has other plans.


Soon, the walls between rivals blur, and loyalties are tested as their intimacy unravels secrets that could bring down empires. Sarai is playing with fire. But will she get burned, or can what started as a mere proposition turn into a lifetime of trust?

Kings Proposition

Expected to ship by the end of July or Beginning of August!
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