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Escape to Chateau Hills, California, home of the prestigious King Dynasty Resorts & Vineyard. CEO Zeno King faces pressure to maintain his late father’s vision while also modernizing the family business. When alluring new sommelier Ayasha Black challenges Zeno’s traditions, simmering attraction clashes with his lingering resistance to change.


Ayasha moved to California from the reservation with big dreams, only to have harsh realities threaten her future. Starting over at King Resorts may be her last chance to prove herself, but the more she and Zeno butt heads, the more their chemistry heats up. She’s determined to show this infuriating boss she belongs.


As Zeno and Ayasha navigate the blurred lines between business and passion, threats arise that could ruin everything. Rumors swirl of sabotage and spies hiding in the shadows of the vineyard. Are unseen rivals plotting the downfall of Zeno’s family legacy? Will his resistance to change allow those who want to see him fail to ruin all his father built? One thing is clear — Zeno and Ayasha’s path to happiness won’t be easy, but it sure will be a wild ride!

Kings Distraction

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