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Darian King enjoys the glamorous fruits of his success until unexpected changes alter his carefree bachelor lifestyle. Needing help to navigate uncharted waters, he leans on his lifelong friend, Eva Chavez. Though Eva is distracted by turbulence in her relationship, she agrees to support Darian during this transition.


As they spend more time together, Darian and Eva begin seeing each other differently. Laughing through chaotic days and cozy nights, feelings long-buried start to surface when their guards are down. While new possibilities spark, can they risk complicating their treasured friendship by confronting them?


As their realities shift, Eva questions what she truly wants regarding romance. Can her best friend give her the love she hopes for? Meanwhile, Darian considers leaving his playboy lifestyle behind for the first time if it means a chance with the one woman he can imagine a future with. At this turning point, their lifelong friendship could blossom into a destined love if these soulmates finally take the leap and reveal feelings buried for too long. Will they recognize that what they’ve needed all along is each other?

Kings Catch

Expected to ship by the end of July or Beginning of August!
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