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It’s about time we come the fuck out of retirement. I’m tired of people taking us for a joke. -Lavonka 

Hands have been played.. tables have been turned. With Bronx missing and a baby left behind on her doorstep with his last name. Lavonka has every intention on turning the city upside down to find answers. While showing everyone who she really is... Will Lavonka be able to save her relationship including her studio or Will Mrs. Jefferson have the last laugh all the way to the alter of Lavonka and Troy’s Wedding.

While Love has always been on the winning side, this time around Lena has taken it into her own hands with Nash to give love another chance. Finally getting a man who is all about her, there is someone in the shadows who just doesn’t want her to be happy. When a flash from the past of both Nash and Alena show up will they be able to see through all the confusion, that this is there chance to be on the winning side of love?

Find out in this final battle with love...

I Won’t Lose to Love Again 2

Expected to ship by the end of July or Beginning of August!
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