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Alena has survived one too many failed relationships, and this time around she has no intentions on allowing love to win again, especially after her last relationship ended terribly. When she meets Nash, an NBA player with qualities that no woman can deny and a fighting spirit, she just might be ready to play the game of love once more, but there are unknown problems waiting to come her way. Will love continue to have the last laugh, or will she prevail? 
Two best friends couldn’t be more similar. As Alena struggles to avoid love and keep her studio running smooth, Lavonka, who has had her fair share of love lost, meets Bronx, who has the potential to be her true love. But will exes and secrets that come back to haunt their relationship threaten the bond they have worked so hard to build? Will Lavonka and Alena learn that they can finally have their happy ending without thinking everything is just too good to be true? Take a ride with these two women from Florida to see who will be on the winning end of love.

I Won’t Lose to Love Again

Expected to ship by the end of July or Beginning of August!
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