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I Don’t Want to be your Ex... are the last words Sasha Kane thought as her long-time boyfriend gave her the same old tired speech about them being two different people inhabiting the same world. After hearing the same thing over and over she decides she will never be labeled an ex if it’s the last thing she does. In that moment she decides intimacy would do her just fine as opposed to a fairytale love. 


A chance encounter happens while she is on her way to purchase the art studio of her dreams. The minute she runs into the know it all she loves to hate, Amal Benjamin, things pivot. Amal and Sasha are from different worlds, but both have something to prove. Amal has been known as the guy who gets everything he wants while she's had to fight and work for everything in life.  When she finds out that not only is the statement true about him getting everything he wants, but that he has eyes set on more than just her studio the fight begins. 


Will Sasha give up the idea of not allowing someone else to make her their past, and find something's never noticed in Amal? Or will this be the time she puts her foot down and fights for a studio she feels is rightfully hers

The Trouble With Love

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