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Being sworn into secrecy never felt so wrong until now.

In Deception you will meet Ciara Smith a female undercover agent that is hellbent on proving herself worthy in a this is a mans world society. Secrecy is a given in her profession until thoughts of a love life come forcing her to question if its even possible or worth the risk.

When she meets Kyle Derrick the script is flipped and the waters get murky. Kyle is the good guy and perfect for her but he isn't the one. Not all things are that simple or what they appear to be when she meets her next target.

Victor Esposa is illusive, captivating and delightfully dangerous and on her radar for all the wrong reasons. With every intention on takinghim to jail, she hits a snag and has to stop and acknowledge thats shes intrigued with the mystery he exudes.

With so many ties, that are unforeseen Ciara is forced to choice between honor and love. Will her oath to the badge trump her oath to love? You won’t believe how much deception is in the air.


Expected to ship by the end of July or Beginning of August!
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