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Allure /əˈlo͝or/: the power to entice or attract through personal charm.


In the world of creativity, Lore Reed shines as a beacon of boundless imagination, her sculptures and paintings capturing the essence of emotion and beauty. Raised in a household where freedom and exploration reigned supreme, Lore's carefree spirit knows no bounds. Yet beneath her artistic façade lies a longing for stability and family. With a heart ready to embrace love's allure, Lore sets out on a journey of discovery that promises to redefine her life forever.


Across town, Niko Lockwood, a legend on the football field, faces a crossroads as retirement looms and a new career beckons. Amidst the roar of the crowd and the glare of the spotlight, Niko craves the quiet joys of home and family, a longing that propels him toward the doors of Arranged Hearts. However, tensions arise within his family, particularly with his father, a retired football legend who has always exerted control over Niko's life. As Niko navigates this new chapter, he must find the strength to forge his own path and fight for the love he deserves.


As they prepare to step into forever, the unknown will cause them to question whether or not they're making the right decision. Yet beneath the surface lies a tantalizing hint of familiarity, a connection that defies explanation and ignites a spark of intrigue. While their love for each other is unwavering, outside forces threaten to tear them apart. As family tensions mount and expectations clash, will Lore and Niko's arranged marriage withstand the storms of doubt and resistance, or will “I do” turn into “I don’t”?


Expected to ship by the end of July or Beginning of August!
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